The oil elaboration

The whole way how the olives are processed and the elaboration process to obtain an extra virgin oil have a key influence in the kind of oil we wish obtain.

Several factors affect the final result of our extra virgin oil. The temperature, the lapse of time that the olive is out of the tree, the warehousing site, the light, the kind of container,… All and each one of this factors made every oil unique.

The selection and collection of the fruit set up the start of the extra virgin oil’s elaboration. To do this at the optimal point and the production end defines the quality of the final product.

The olive is detached from the tree and prepared for the transportation to the olive press on a very quick way. Thus, all its properties remain intact.

Once in our oil presses, the olives are selected, looking for pureness, and goes to a cleaning process where the fruit gets separated from leaves and stems.

The process continues with the pounding, where the olives give their liquid gold, in both vertical and horizontal centrifuge machines. Finally, the oil is stored in our cellars and is classified for a later perfect packaging.


We care in detail the whole process, from the beginning to the end. On this way, Hacienda Vadolivo became a quality guarantee. The procedures in the olive groves, including the phytosanitary applies, and several process phases as incoming, elaboration, warehousing and packaging are supervised by high qualified technicians from the regulatory council of the designation of origin Sierra de Cazorla. Consistently the product is guaranteed and certified, from its origin up to the final consumer.

All our olive oils are subjected to tastings, in which the five senses are implied and all the quality standards are overcome, leaving the Hacienda Vadolivo’s essence in all and each one of our products.