Our oils

The experience of tasting the olive tree essence.

Each one of the packaged extra virgin oil by Hacienda Vadolivo, of all the varieties, has a quality seal. Our varieties are a delicacy, with which all the 5 senses get activated and our body experiences unique feelings. Thus can be only achieved by a constant working, mime and passion, together with a careful selection of the best oil in each harvest, based on the optimal collection time.

Consequently our product, in all its varieties, is guaranteed from its origin up to the final consumer’s hands.


Our oils

Our Royal oil

Our Royal oil variety

Our royal oil is extracted from an autochthonous variety of the region Sierra de Cazorla, being worldwide the only royal variety with protected designation of origin. Its sweet fragrance, intensely fruited, with green nuances of tomatoes, bananas, grass and tender almonds along with its sweet aroma, without bitterness and a non agressive taste, leaves some sweet nuances combined with taste notes to mature almonds and vanilla, making of this oil variety an exceptional product which surpasses the highest quality standards. A product which has been won to be one of the varieties with the highest value of our wide catalogue.

The royal oil comes from a variety of olive called royal of Cazorla, which main characteristics are a poor productivity, but a high quality and value.

Due to the low production, the extra virgin oil of the variety Royal de Cazorla is one of those minority privileges which, thanks to the efforts of some farmers as Hacienda Vadolivo, is dodging the extinction, what the market would usually push to.

Our picual oil variety

Our oil variety Picual is a strong oil with a lot of personality. It’s high content of oleic acid gives it very special characteristics which contribute to very definite sensorial nuances. This makes it easely identifable within the univariate oils.

Source of health and energy, our picual oil has the protected designation of origin “Sierra de Cazorla”. The environment and the picual olive variety of our trees, give this oil an average bitter flavour and a unique and balanced spicy taste. A balance with which this two palate sensations join perfectly. Vegetable notes which show an intense fruity, wood and green grass taste with a light aroma to aloza, apples and fig tree. All of it resulting in a picual olive oil with an outstanding quality.



Nuestro aceite arbequina

But if you are looking for an olive oil which will bring you to exotic and sensory places, your olive oil is our variety arbequina. This oil is characterized by it’s clean aroma to leaves and grass. A fresh, young oil variety which due to its composing is more delicate than other varieties.

A sweet and balanced oil variety, its aroma reminds to fresh artichoke and its taste will move you to a traditional orchard. Just try and experience the fruity taste, with some exotic aroma, of our quality guaranteed arbequina olive oil variety. Banana and hazelnut hues, with a certain smoothness and sweetness, made this variety unforgettable.

Our hojiblanca oil variety

It is extended in Andalusia, especially in the western side of the province of Seville, the south of the province of Cordoba and in the northern side of the province of Malaga. It is approx. the 16% of the total olive groves in Andalusia. It is also known in Andalusia with the name “lucentino”, due to the metallic colored sun reflections of it groves. The olives from the variety hojiblanca are used as well as edible olive as for the oil production due to the firm texture of its meat.
The maturity of the olives is late, from late November up to late December. Once mature, the olives are tough to collect, as they are strongly linked to the tree. The productivity is low, in average 17-19%.

Its shows a balanced grease acid compound, lightly lower the other oil varieties. The stability against oxidation is low, and it is recommended to keep this oil varieties in a dark place, with low oxygenation.

From the organoleptic point of view, it has a huge range of flavours, even the vegetable and fruity flavours are prevailing. Its attributes are initially sweet, fruity with fresh grass aromas, lightly green fruit bitterness and other fruits, reminds sometimes to a fruit salad, lightly spicy in the throat and a final almond savour. The introduction of the Hojiblanca variety in our area, due to the influence of the mountain chain Sierra de Cazorla and its peculiar climate, gives to this oil variety a strong fruity taste, with green apple flavour, increasing its intensity over the time.