Learn with us

We want to invite you to meet our world, in which tradition and technology join to create a product which will make you live a 5 sense experience.

You will become acquainted of the olive oil’s world by the hands of professionals, who will tell you the history, labour, characteristics, uses, … of this liquid gold in a way that nobody has shown you before. People who will transmit you the passion with which they live this land and their labours in a very exclusive way.

The extra virgin olive oil is an admired product by everybody along the history. From the origin of the civilizations the extra virgin olive oil has performed a key roll. And it still keeps doing up to day, being present as well in the gastronomic world as in the cosmetics industry.


Environments which have inspired many writers and keep being the way of life of thousands of families along the mediterranean sea. The extra virgin oil is a product which gives a way of life, values and characteristics which everyone can enjoy.

In Hacienda Vadolivo, we have prepared activities for older and younger to get acquainted with the olive world and with all our environment. An active and different way to get the knowledge about something present in our daily life.

Get in contact with us and don’t miss the opportunity to live an awesome experience.

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