Smoked olive oils

Our smoked olive oils are developed for they, who want to taste something different, but keeping quality and tradition. Created for those who want to discover new flavours or are looking for products which cover their necessities. Our smoked olive oils still keep all the properties of the extra virgin olive oil, but contain an extra which gives them a more special taste.

Feel the land’s flavours with our smoked olive oils

The essential fact to achieve a smoked olive oil of a great quality, is that the olives really have a great quality. For that reason, the selected variety for all the different smoked olive oils has been our extra virgin olive oil with designation of origin Picual.

Processed with a complete natural procedure, the extra virgin olive oil with designation of origin Sierra de Cazorla, is smoked at low temperature, between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius, during 8 hours, with an ecologic smoke from dried fruit peel of an ecologic agriculture.

What do you want to raise? Where do you want to feel transported yourself upgrading the flavour of your food thanks to the smoked oils?

The taste of the mountains, the sea, of spices with personality, of traditions like bread bakery, of such authentic meals like the paella, of vegetables like tomato. With our smoked olive oils you can bond the oil with different meals and moments.

Mountain flavors

Mountain flavors

This oil is perfect for the use in substitution of salt and for grilled meat, smoked fish dishes, preserved fish food, cooked meat, cooked vegetables, baked food…