Our product range aceites de oliva gourmet will allow you to taste one of the highest wealth our gastronomy can offer you. With each one of this oils, you will travel along endless sensations, which only this liquid gold can bring to you.

With various origins, all and each one of our olive oil from the product range gourmet fulfill the highest quality standards.

Three olive oil varieties can be found in the product rang: Picual, Arbequina and Royal.

virgin olive oil gourmet with Designation of origin

The olive variety from which our oils came from, are the key for the characteristic and the properties contained in every single bottle market with DO.

The process used to gain oil from the fruits is common to several varieties within this product range. The optimal maturity degree of the olives is the key to obtain the extra virgin olive oil gourmet in a quality very close to perfection. The extra virgin olive oil gourmet is produced with green olives, which did not already reach the full maturity degree. Due to this, their meat is tighter, the picking work is harder and the extracted oil is in a less quantity. This process gives the extra olive oil unique and delicious characteristics, which are well appreciate in and outside our country.

With all our products extra virgin olive oil groumet, you will experience awesome feelings. Their aroma, colour, brightness, flavour … everything gets intensified. You just have to choose which one is the more adapted to your feelings, as we are confident it is capable to satisfy the most exigent palates.

Our extra virgin olive oil gourmet products




Sierra Cazorla Picual


Sierra Cazorla Royal


Sierra Oliva Arbequina


Perlas de aceite de oliva virgen extra Sierra Cazorla Royal