Oleotourism in Jaén

Landscapes, gastronomy, tastes and history joined for make you feel an unforgettable experience. The oleoturism is a new way to live the extra virgin oilve oil culture, from its roots up to the last of it’s related elements. You will feel transported back to our ancestral origins and you will learn to know our lifefull mother earth. Our country, plenty of olive oils, will be the natural spot in which you will be aware about one of the sign of identity of this territory.


Hacienda Vadolivo offers you the chance to get closer to the extra virgin olive oil world in an incomparable location. Located in the heart of the mountain chain Sierra de Cazorla, surrounded by hectares of olive trees and with an extraordinary history on it, you can visit an emblematic place, in which the french troops stayed in the days before the battle of Bailen and where in it`s vicinity the 1808’s capitulations have been signed.

Leave the hustle, the routine and the daily stress and enjoy life and recharge your body’s and mind energy, by relishing one of the world’s greatest delicacies, which is the extra virgin olive oil. A way to make tourism with the best taste and joining tradition and modernity.

Feel the oleotourism in Jaén

The oleotourism is a travel through the history, by which all your five senses will participate actively each minute. It is the most vivid and direct way to get confident with the extra virgin olive oil and all around it. You will appreciate the beauty of the landscape, the weave of the leaves, the flavour of nature and the sounds of peace.

Hacienda Vadolivo proposes you a kind of tourism, with which you will enjoy your time with us and join culture, nature and gastronomy. As experts in the olive oil production, we are going to transmit you, in an unique way, the essence of the the olive tree’s world and it’s oil.

There exist some magic places, in which the senses awake and the paths cross. There exist a place, which offers to the walker and friend all the confidence and our spoiled product. There exist Hacienda Vadolivo.




  • Visit to the oil presses
  • Olivo oil tastings.
  • Camper breakfast
  • Camper lunch
  • Accomodation in the oil press ( in future)
  • History of the production process
  • En el futuro, De octubre a diciembre, participarás de la recolección y tendrás la posibilidad de molturar la aceituna y envasar el producto de tu propia recogida viviendo la experiencia sensorial con los aromas que desprende el proceso.
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