There exists some magic places, in which the senses awake, where the paths cross, where quality and care lead the hands of those who bring our olive oil to life. There is a place offering our friends and visitors all the trust and purity of our valued product

Founded in 1989, Hacienda Vadolivo is an enterprise dedicated to the production and elaboration of one of the identity signs of our country, which is the extra virgin oil. In the heart of the extra virgin olive oil country in Spain, surrounded by the mountain chain Sierra de Cazorla, Hacienda Vadolivo rise, having a strategical location for the development of its high quality and distinguished olive grove activities.

In 2002 a new expansion era started with the acquisition, update, revaluation and adaptation to ecological farming of several estates, located in unique environments which characteristics result in the quality of their star product: the olive. Consistently, Hacienda Vadolivo is capable to offer exclusive olive oils with unique identity and the highest quality.

Baltasar López Cuadra

We are a company with large history, but also with young mind set. We join tradition with modernity. The enterprise has well trained professionals, which have chosen for a balanced combination of the newest technologies and the traditional knowledge. The good way of doing of our ancestors is the basis for what we are today.

There are already five generations dedicated to the olive culture, committed from the beginning with the quality and the environmental responsibility.
The growth in this olive tree country, has certainly give us a high sensibility to the olive world and all the culture that surrounds it. Unique values that can only be given by its fields, its lights, its taste, its history, its flavours,…

Our History

From the beginning we based our activities in three main pillars:

  • Take special care to the fruit on the tree, obtaining consequently only the best product.
  • Extract and produce only high quality olive oil, to satisfy the final consumer’s highest expectations.
  • To work with environmental friendly procedures during the complete production process, being grateful to our environment as an agriculture enterprise.

We are confident that with this three pillars we are on the right way to market only the highest quality (pure natural olive juice), earning our customer’s satisfaction.

Keeping the quality as the main target, Hacienda Vadolivo works based on three main conceptions:

  • Stand exclusively for products with certified origin.
  • Customized assistance in the commercial chain.
  • The use of new technologies during the complete process.