Investigation processes

Hacienda Vadolivo’s commitment is not only with the quality of the extra virgin olive oil, but also with the community and the environment. On this areas we focus our investigations, paying special attention to the development and knowledge increase about our valued liquid gold.

The investigation projects have been, are and will keep being a key value of our enterprise. Los proyectos de investigación han sido, son y serán un valor clave en nuestra empresa. Our orientation to the improvement related with olive sector remains clearly in the daily working.



Ongoing projects

Marc fertilizer

In collaboration with the university of Granada and CSIC

Hacienda Vadolivo has been one of the first, even the first, companies which has developed an ecological fertilizer plant by recycling all the residual products from the cultivation up to the oil production, especially the most pollutants as the marc, olive, avoiding the water pollution, both superficial and underground.

The design and installation of this plant was a hard work. But now we can proudly say, that our farms are fertilized with recycled marc together with other residual waste.

Nevertheless, we continue with the investigations in this area, with the goal to achieve a most ecological olive farming.


Cold marc in GRANADA together with Solex Iberica

Together with a Canadian team, under consideration of the european regulations, we are working in a project for drying the marc and the olive bones, to avoid particle emissions to the maximum with an improved process.

Additionally, this drying process allows us to eliminate 80% of the water content, optimizing so the transportation costs.


Recovery of the Royal variety of Cazorla

In collaboration with the DO (designation of origin) Sierra de Cazorla y and the university of Cordoba (in 2.004).

In our efforts to recover the autochthonous variety Royal of Cazorla, we started a new investigation line, as the variety was in a disappearing process due to it’s low productivity. Together with the university of Cordoba, we develop seedlings to create new farming in the environment, increasing the presence of this variety in our farms and, consequently, in the area of Cazorla.

Once achieved, the very few producers are performing activities to get the recognition and differentiation.

Investigation and development for the carbon footprint reduction

We perform investigations and activities to reduce our carbon footprint, looking for the best quality and spending the less in energy costs. We consider this kind of actions as our contribution to change the Spanish collective consciousness. Our research and development actions are oriented and focused to our main objective, which is the achievement of a sustainable and ecological olive farming preserving so the environment.

Maslinic acid

In collaboration with the university of Granada

Hacienda Vadolivo participates in investigations conducted by the university of Granada about the from the marc and the olive tree leaves extracted triterpene product, which is the maslinic acid.

The conclusion of the conducted studies shows that this component is capable to inhibit the HT29 cells of the colon-cancer. A treatment with maslinic acid is currently in the first stages. This can result in a new, natural treatment for the colon carcinoma.

The triterpenes can be found in several herbages which are already used in the traditional medicine and are well known for its antitumoral properties. Actually the maslinic acid concentration in some of this herbages is low. But in the olive tree leaves wax, the concentration is up to 80%.

This investigation work has been accepted for its publication in the cancer investigations specialized magazine Cancer Letters (2009), under the header Maslinic acid, a natural triterpene from Olea europaea L., induces apoptosis in HT29 human colon-cancer cells via the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway.

Squalene, the main hydrocarbon in the extra virgin olive oil.

Hacienda Vadolivo is also working in researches on this component of the extra virgin olive oil. It is attributed as the reason for the low cancer impact in the Mediterranean population.

Hidroxitirosol. Polifenol

Another project in which we are involved is focused in the research of this element, which has the capability to stabilize the oil against oxidation. Additionally this antioxidant capability contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, avoids the spread of cancer cells, has anti-inflammatory properties, delays aging and protects against UV radiation. Además, posee una gran capacidad antioxidante beneficiosa para la prevención de varias enfermedades (cardiovasculares, propiedades antiinflamatorias, previene el envejecimiento, evita la proliferación de células cancerosas y protege frente a la radiación UV).


The oleocanthal is a finding, which can revolutionize the extra virgin olive oil market. It’s about a natural anti-inflammatory contained in the extra virgin olive oil, which shares properties with the ibuprofen. This explains the health effects related to the use of the olive oil in the Mediterranean diet.

Hacienda Vadolivo is, additionally in collaboration with some investigators, which are researching about the effects that can be produced by incorporate this elements (Hydroxytyrosol) to the feeding of cattle for food, stimulating their meat quality and survival chances. In parallel there are ongoing researches to investigate how this can affect to the human organism.