Vodolivo facilities

Hacienda Vadolivo owns four large oil press facilities. All of them are located in the area with the largest extra virgin oil production in Spain, the provinces of Granada and Jaen. The estates and oil press Vadolivo, Oli Hortal, the oil press located in the city of Villacarrillo and Casa Grande are the four pillars which support the main structure of Hacienda Vadolivo.


In the year 2002, the acquisition of Vadolivo was the start of a new stage for this generation of extra virgin oil producers. Located next to an old ford on the Guadalquivir river, between olive tree plantations, this farm and oil press has a unique history. It is assumed, that the spanish queen Isabel La Catolica crossed the Guadalquivir river by this ford in the year 1489, on her way to the reconquest of Baza (province of Granada). This place, as the other estates and oil presses, has some special characteristics, which get transfered to their fruits, the olives, resulting in an extra virgin olive oil with a particular presence and a highest quality.

Searching for olives with a special quality, to produce unique olive oil, the oil press Oli Hortal, located between the cities of Pozo Alcón (Jaen) and Cuevas del Campo (Granada) was acquired in 2008. It’s a place in which olives are garthered from the south side of the mountain chain Sierra de Cazorla and the plateau of the province of Granada.

In the year 2011 another oil press, located in the city of Villacarrillo joined the group. Finally, in 2012, the oil press Casa Grande, located at the royal road from Cadiz to Madrid (today A-4, E-5) became part of the Company, including the olive trees at the feet of the mountain chain Sierra Morena, in the road to the sanctuary of Virgen de la Cabeza. It is an oil press with a large history. It is active since approximately 1700 with more the 300 years of production. It has been eyewitness of many historical events in this country. In and around the oil press, the french troops quartered in the days before the battle of Bailen. Close to the oil press the capitulation after the battle on July 7th 1808 has been signed.


For their history, their characteristics, for what they mean, …. for all this Hacienda Vadolivo has built a set of environments which allows us to produce an unique and special extra virgin oil. An exceptional liquid gold, capable to satisfy the strictest tastes.

All the plants have high tech machinery installed. Thus guarantees an optimal handling of our products.

Oil Presses and purchase sites

Villanueva de la Reina

  • Arquillos
  • Miraelrío
  • Linares
  • Pino Gordo

Cuevas del campo

  • Caniles
  • Castril
  • Huéscar
  • Vélez Rubio
  • Campo Cebar
  • Villanueva de las Torres
  • Huesa


  • Peal de Becerro
  • Cazorla
  • La Caleruela


  • Villanueva del Arzobispo
  • Beas de Segura
  • Albadalejo