• Hacienda Vadolivo By adding best quality raw material, attitude and paying special attention, we achieve an excellent olive oil info
    • Hacienda Vadolivo We join tradition from the past with the newest technologies to obtain high quality products info
    • Hacienda Vadolivo The taste and flavour of a unique and surpassing environment info
    • Hacienda Vadolivo More then five generations dedicated to the olive tree with two main goals: the product quality and environmental responsibility info


Founded in 1989, Hacienda Vadolivo is an enterprise dedicated to the production and elaboration of one of the identity signs of our country, which is the extra virgin oil. In the heart of the extra virgin olive oil country in Spain, surrounded by the mountain chain Sierra de Cazorla, Hacienda Vadolivo rise.




Know our product range aceites de oliva in Hacienda Vadolivo. Gourmet, AOVE: Extra virgin olive oil, AOV: Virgin olive oil and Smoked olive oils .


Oleotourism in Jaén

Landscapes, gastronomy, tastes and history joined for make you feel an unforgettable experience.
The oleoturism is a new way to live the extra virgin oilve oil culture, from its roots up to the last of it’s related elements. You will feel transported back to our ancestral origins and you will learn to know our lifefull mother earth.